Undoubtedly the amount of hate and distrust is increasing as predicted by Shri Krishna about the Kaliyuga…

One does expect toxicity and two-facedness as we grow up, but sadly now-a-days children and teens are learning the bad aspects of life too fast and too intensely!

Back to the topic, I seemed to have made friends with a rather introverted and sweet friend in 11th..

All seemed well until the 12th boards..

Then, a few weeks before the exams, he blocked me on social media for no reason and started falsely accusing me… I was naturally petrified!

I tried my very best to reconcile with him and just for the sake of not ending the friendship in such a toxic way I negotiated my way through to a truce.

Later, I got to know that he was a fake friend who used to back-bite. And his silent and quiet behaviour was not a symbol of goodness, but rather a disorder he was suffering from… ‘Covert Introverted Narcissism’.. a personality disorder, and he was suffering from Anxiety too..

Sadly, many times in life, rosy trails lead to thorny bushes instead..

This incident reminded me of the assassination of Julius Caesar by his ‘fellow’ senators, of which Brutus(his great friend) was one of the assassins!

But, surprisingly, instead of feeling sad or angry, I pitied his condition and was empathetic..

All because of Swamiji’s grace I feel!

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