This is a realised contemplation that I don’t know how to put up in words. I tried my best to put them in words. I see great Masters having wonderful linguistic knowledge to share the ultimate truth with the closest precision possible. So I try my best to share mine as well. My sharing for today is a realization triggered by a pointer ” Eternity is no time”. I do not tag it in philosophy as it is considered a dry subject by a majority of people. When the truth is realised truly, it’s an experienceless experience, yet when seen through the mind its amazing and Waow… So here it is: 

Eternity is usually defined as “always” , “all time”. “Always” is with respect to time. But this time factor applies only to the mind. Mind is a culmination of thoughts & perceptions. Time can be defined as the gap between one thought and another thought. Or one event and another event. But the gap actually is timeless. Only the appearance of a thought and the next gives rise to time. The gap is where the awareness is awareness itself. It doesn’t have time. Only mind limits the awareness to experience. So by eternity , it actually means, it is not bound by time , it does not have time. The quality of eternity when applied to mind, brings in the concept of eternity with respect to time. Eternal means “all time” according to the mind. Eternal is the maximum limit of time in mind. Time as we all know, is categorised as past present and future. So maximum time limit includes all the past, present & future. So eternity with respect to mind is termed as all time. But in reality eternity is no time at all.


There are much more to it which I would need some time to put in words exactly. For the next post , I would love to share that “This eternity is Love”, the most sought after by humans…


Thank you all for reading this…

In Eternity,

Vani Om Anandi

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