Be Strong 

The entire community sung 

This soulful song

Yet pensive tears  

Embraced me all along

Sometimes, I’d hide then 

in my enchanting smile

at others silently shed them

and bid adieu,

To be strong 

One day it’ll all turn to bright hues 

Said one and all

Except the ruler 

To whom we belong 

He stands for truth after all 

False hopes 

Would caress this fleeting soul 

I looked up for some 

But He stood tall and strong 

Ever smiling 

Magnanimous and mysterious 

He never whips His magic wand 

Grace is always bestowed 

Yet far away in the distant land 

The veins to my heart remain closed

Like abandoned petals 

my eyes forlorn

Pleading , Praying 

At Your altar 

I show up at every dusk and dawn

If not all these years 

Of longing and callings  

What is it that will melt 

Your heart? 

Will You O Dark Lord 

Turn me into the one 

You’d keep close 

Until eternity and beyond ? 

P.S Just like duality and non-duality, Hope and the absence of it are part of my life as much as everyone else’s. It is in the moments of despair and in its void that the heart yearns for the Lord. He is there but He is not. A mystery only He can unfold. 
All glories to the very graceful Swamiji and magnanimous Shri Hariji !