Ethan! Ethan! Ethan! Where are you, my boy? Grandma Shelley screams at the top of her lungs looking out for Ethan her favorite grandson. Every day she would call him once and he would run and come to her to have his favorite cookies and chocolate milkshake exactly at 8 am. This was routine for both and they never missed this come rain or high weather.

But today neither Ethan nor any sign of him; the time was 8:45 am. Shelley was wobbling and yet walking hurriedly across the kitchen despite her knee pain and her slow gait thanks to her old age which she acquired, but now her dearest Ethan was more important than any damn thing in this world. Her heart is racing a hundred miles, her brain is ten miles away, but her legs can hardly move ten steps.

She then immediately prays to her favorite Mother Mary and promises ten extra candles if nothing bad happens to Ethan. Terrifying thoughts about Ethan racing across her head, she slowly moves from the home to the garden almost screaming EEEEEEEthan. Her screams are only muffled by the next-door husky Henry who also seems to have sensed something wrong and starts barking too.

Walking through the garden, suddenly she hears a stifled sobbing, a familiar voice crying out softly.

At last, she finds her dear grandson Ethan sitting on a log of wood kept for the kitchen fire still in his bedclothes disheveled but crying.

Letting a sigh of relief and thanking Mother Mary, she immediately scoops him up in her flabby arms, hugging him and letting a sigh of relief that nothing bad happened to him.

Slowly she detached from him and asks him What happened Ethan why didn’t you come to Grandma early morning and why are you crying here?

Grrrrrrannnn is what the child could utter amid his crying spells. Graaaan graaan —She comforts him and tells him It is Ok to tell grandma what happened.

Gmmaaaa I today when I was coming to drink milk., you know what happened-the glass the glass jar you kept beside my bed which you said grandpa gave you fell. I do not know how but it fell and broke. I didn’t do it Granma but You would believe me so ……… I tried joining them together but they wouldn’t…….So ….So….So…

It is Ok my child Grandma knows Ethan didn’t break the vase. It fell due to its own mistake.

Come now stop crying and have your chocolate milkshake and some fresh cookies.

Grandma, do You believe me?

Yes, child, I do! Now come and have that milk.