Sometime ago I had posted a blog – in which I had mentioned that my friend called me a coward for not facing an unpleasant relative.  In another context I was moaning to another  friend about my not so great culinary skills; when she said “before you start cooking say – guru Arpan. And then see how tasty the food is.” And she went on to tell the fable of a  priest who used pray to God and have actual Darshan every day. One day on the way to the temple his clothes got dirty because one lady sweeping her house on the first floor dropped all the dust and dirt on the priest by mistake. The priest really cursed her and had to go back home to take a bath again. That day when he prayed he never had Darshan of God. When he begged God for Darshan HE said-“ half an hour ago,you were busy cursing me and now you want my Darshan”? The priest was confused. He said – “I never cursed you but the lady who was sweeping”. God replied – “ before she started sweeping she said – guru arpan. So whatever she was doing,  it was in my name and all those terrible words you said, also were for me.” My friend firmly believes in the story- I am still getting there.

But then this marvelous idea came to my mind 😇😇. Next time the above mentioned relative was there , I narrated the entire story to him adding a few punishments for the priest too😃😃. I told him I was so impressed by the story that whatever I do during the day I always say – “guru arpan” Then I am not worried. God will help me put my best foot forward. And I am generally humming some hymn around him. It didn’t take him long  to put two and two together. I can actually see him biting his lip but keeping quiet. Well mostly quiet. A few remarks sneak in here and there. 
I have only been practicing it for a few days. But feeling much happier. As if I won a battle without bloodshed. In my  favor I am actually trying to say Guru arpan, more often. Hope this works. I have a very fragile peace of mind.