In the recent years , I have developed a habit of rescuing animals and have adapted 2 dogs. I celebrate my birthdays and any family anniversaries by donating funds to animal shelters. 

As a animal lover , I have a passion and kindness of making a stray free animals in every city of India. 

I cannot see animal starving , not able to see animal dead bodies on the highways. This is upsetting me and whole day I feel am helpless And i would to bring a change by creating awareness among people of our country. 

I would like to bring a change,every animal has right to live on this earth .

  1. Am Helpless, these series events makes me worried every time I go outside of my house.
  2. Animal Birth control – Does humans have right to control other species lives . Government is promoting ABC program
  3. I would like to develop a app to create awareness and start raising funds and would like volunteers to adapt ,promote stray animals 

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