About 2 years ago, one day, a girl came to my stitching class in the ashram, her name was Poonam and she told me that she wanted to learn to stitch and that she is a graduate but wants to continue her studies and pursue B.Ed.

I nodded in appreciation.

A couple of days later, I found her on the stairs, sobbing, I asked what’s wrong?

She started crying harder and told me, that today was the last day of registering herself for the B.Ed course and If she didn’t do it today, She wouldn’t be able to do it for the next 2 years.

So I asked what the problem was? And she said, she doesn’t have any money to pay the fees of 10,000/-

I felt bad for the girl but was not sure about what to do. But I really wanted to help her so I told her to have faith in Sri Hari and come with me to my room and we will see if I have the money needed, and I did.

Interestingly, I would never carry so much money with me but somehow I had it with me that day, I told her, she doesn’t have to worry anymore as she can register herself and also gave her some clothes for her new beginning. Her face lit up, I felt really good and thanked God for letting me help a person in need. Another devotee at the ashram, Mr. Bhupinder got to know about it and gave the girl some more money for books and supplies. We could see how happy she already was, and without any a due she ran away to get herself admitted.

Very recently, I got a message from an unknown number with a photo of a mark sheet and a message saying, “Thank you, Nani. Because of you, I was able to go after my dream and get my B.Ed degree.”

When I saw the message I couldn’t contain my happiness, even when my own kids or their kids would show me their result I was never as happy as I was after seeing her result. The efforts of a hardworking girl were well paid by my little help. I congratulated her and thanked Sri Hari. I felt really happy and content knowing that I was capable of helping someone in need, it made me feel strong!

I wrote this story to tell everyone how when you give happiness, a lot more happiness comes back to you. And it will always be like that so if you can, you must always help because no effort ever goes vain.

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