Hey everyone, I hope you are all great. In today’s post, I am going to share some tips with you about different ways you can solve a problem by being creative with our mindset. I am sure we have all been in a place where we get ourselves into a problem that we have no idea how to solve. 


How many times have you caught yourself saying that there could be no other solution to a problem – and then that problem leads to a dead-end? How many times have you felt stumped knowing that the problem lying before you is one you cannot solve. Did it feel like you had exhausted all possible options and yet are still before the mountain – large, unconquerable, and impregnable?

With some creative problem-solving techniques you may be able to look at your problem in a different light. And that light might just be the end of all your darkness.

But rejoice! There might be some hope yet.

  • First of all, in the light of creative problem-solving, you must be open-minded to the fact that there may be more than just one solution to the problem. And, you must be open to the fact that there may be solutions to problems you thought were unsolvable.
  • Here, trying to understand the problem and having a concrete understanding of its workings is integral in solving the problem. If you know how it works, what the problem is, then you have a better foundation towards solving the problem.
  • Try to solve the problem by parts. Solve it from a general view towards the more detailed parts of the problem. Write down the question, and then come up with a one-sentence solution to that from them.
  • When someone comes up with a prospective solution, try to think about how you could make that solution work. Try to be creative. At the same time, look for chinks in the armour of that solution.
  • Try to keep track of all the solutions and their developments. Remember, there may be more than just one solution to the problem.

Remember that adage,” two heads are better than one.” That one is truer than it sounds. Always be open to new ideas.

Here is one example….

Take a piece of paper and write any word that comes to mind at the centre. Now, look at that word then write the first two words that come to your mind. This can go on until you can build a tree of related words. This helps you build analogical skills, and fortify your creative processes.


So, next time you see a problem you think you can not solve, think again. The solution might just be staring you right in the face. All it takes is just a little creative thinking, some planning, and a whole lot of work.


I hopeyou have enjoyed and learnt something from this post. 

               Author – Palak Bedi