Every step is worth it

Early morning

When the sun kisses the earth

When you listen to the singing birds

As they dance in the morning light

Shrill yet melodious

As a squirrel darts across the branches

As the trees prepare to offer their shade

When the sky is beautiful blue

Gravity is bound to earth

Life has more to offer

Don’t just sit and stare

What has passed, has passed

You are still alive,

Feel the warmth in the chill air

The fragrance all around

Let go every second

In abundant gratitude

Let go all that is within you

Let go

Take those steps

For every step with faith

In the mighty creation of Sri Hari

Is a step towards grace 

Rejoice in his glory 

Be blessed in this journey 

That is his gift to you 

Every step is worth it 

As you grow 

More joyful 

More peaceful 

More mindful

Keep walking

For every step is worth it