Life gives us many experiences, most pleasant and many to learn ..
Learn new lessons ,skills and discover our unkown potential and strengths! Crisis as Swamiji says brings out the best from us…in 2004 it so happened that my father was to have a hernia operation and i being an only child ,only daughter in law and only Mother to my 4 year old as well only driver to my parents had to manage my own house ,my childs pick up from bus stop and my parents hospital stay too! Since we r a very small family with my Grandmother too being a principal aswelll as a well planned woman to have just 2 kids even in 1950 s ,there is no one we can rely upon other than very close family friends to bank upon!And husband s court is least concerned to give the one man army of a lawyer ,a date to off in a case even if your relative r sick ! So i planned my day in a way that i get all house chores from house help and pick my child from bus stop and make her have a quick meal of parantha roll in car and then drive 22 kms to hospital to see my parents who were looking after each other! I did same but on the way at a long red light where metro work was in progress my car broke down and refused to move! Instead of understanding my plight with a small child and unmoving car in humidity of July ,with no a.c working ,sweat dripping from my forehead and lips ever thirsty as our plastic water bottles were as hot water containing as maybe useful for fermentation! All trucks, cars ,autos ,bikes even bicycle riders made rude faces on us ,accused ,abused and honked on us! We had no choice,no mobile,no public phone near husband in court and a little child around and not a familiar colony too ! I couldn’t abandon the car! Thankfully i had money and presence of mind ,so i called all rickshaw puller standing outside a flats gate on side of ring road to push my car and i ll give them 20 rs each! 5 men came and atleast made my car parked at foot path,next i asked one rickshaw puller to drive me at nearest car work shop,from there me and my daughter brought a car repair recovery van to re ignited my car battery and i could drive back to hospital! From that day ,when ever i see someone stuck with a vehicle ,i ensure i help them !