Os.me is not just a website, os.me is not just a platform. os.me is a place where every writer lives their dream. I have wanted to be a writer since my childhood and I published two poetry books also, “ Shayarana si hai yeh Zindagi and “Mere ehsas”. But after publishing two books I was not getting what I always wanted to be. In a lockdown, I started posting blogs on wordpress.com and medium. Then one day, Sadhvi Shraddha Ji told me that now anyone can write on os.me. I had no idea, what magic os.me will create in my writing dream world but now I stay in that dream world most of the time. Thank you so much Swami Ji for giving us a dream place.

So, today I will give you some reasons why you should use os.me for reading and writing:

  • Potential Readers: When I started writing on wordpress.com and medium I found only those readers who were on my contact list. As I share my blogs on my WhatsApp and I rarely found a stranger reading my blogs so when I started writing on os.me what I get is a lot of readers. On os.me people read from different corners of the world which helps you to spread your thoughts worldwide.
  • Writers world: On os.me you don’t only get readers but best writers too. Here, hundred of posts comes daily and you have a pool of knowledge its totally up to you if you want to jump into that or not. Here is no age bar for writers.
  •  Earnings: Best thing about this platform is you get paid for your write-ups. You can see your earnings on your home page monthly. It feels good to see your earnings by your dream profession.
  • No sign-up fee: There is no registration fee. It’s totally up to you if you want to join as a paid member or not but you can still write your blogs and earn. But you cannot read comments and answer to your readers. If everything will be free how we will understand the value.

What os.me changed in my writing dream world:

  • Consistency: Due to os.me, I became consistent in my writing. I have committed that I will post a blog on each second and fourth Sunday of the month which pushes me to write with discipline.
  •  Reading: Earlier I used to read only swami ji’s write-ups but now I read many other os.me authors too which inspires me every time. I don’t say I read every post but I read most of the posts and I love them.
  •  Explore: Due to os.me I come to know about the new genre of writing which is an anthology. I got the opportunity to be part of the inspiring anthology “Liberation: Breaking the Glass Ceiling of Society by Samhitha Reddy and I met so many lovely souls. I got some awesome friends who pushed me to do better. I would like to thank Sushree Diya Ji for giving me that opportunity.
  • Rewards:  When people love your work and drop an appreciative comment that is a real reward. In materialism, you earn real money. You can earn by dropping a comment on someone’s post and also by answering a comment also.

Os.me team is working hard for all of us and I am grateful to them.

P.S. This write-up is not for a promotion but just wanted to spread goodness. This site opens the door of writers’ dreams.

Keep Smiling,

Thank you,

Riya Om

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