Yes, I know this title makes you strange when you read it the first time. But many of you who are reading this blog indeed have the same thing. Ok, this is a type of experiment where you need to perform with this blog. 

My dear friend Nikhil asks me one day. Kali, how Ravana may have ten heads. I have one, but still, it is full of unnecessary things. At the end of the day, my mind is entirely with negative thoughts. 

It was my first time when someone asked me this type of question with curiosity. With a smiling face, I told him Let’s do some fun activities together. Nikhil was repeating the same thing, but I stopped him. After some time, he was ready for the move. 


Note – To understand the blog, every reader needs to perform all these steps one by one with Nikhil. 


1st Step 

I ask Nikhil to assume the one favorite name of his life and tell him to count the title five times with fingers’ help. 

He completes this task in some seconds. 

He asked me what the next is. It was effortless. 

I said, wait, there are two more steps waiting for you. 


2nd Step 

Nikhil, this is when you have to count your favorite name (five times) without using your fingers. 

He again finished this task in a couple of seconds. 

I said This is your last Step; believe me, you will surely get something new today. 


3rd Step 

I asked him to perform the last Step with the focus on me. 

With a little bit of toughness, he performs this Step completely. 

Did I ask him how that was?

Nikhil said it was good you were chanting a Shree Shuktam. But what you have been proving by this all activity. Tell me, what was that for?


With a smile, I said, Nikhil listen carefully. 

When I asked you to perform the first Step, you were using your mind for a single task . You were counting the names with the help of your fingers. But in the second Step you were doing the same thing with the help of the mind. You create two individual mind processes which are doing your speaking task and counting task. In the last Step, you form the third part of your mind, observing what I was doing when you counted the names. 


You know Nikhil Ravana had one head, but he was able to perform ten tasks simultaneously. That’s why he is known as RAVANA with ten heads. Like I told you before, you have three heads, but it is not about the head. It is about mind flexibility in different stages. Everyone has to understand how symbols are essential in Hinduism, but mother nature is always happy to provide us with pure knowledge if we give some pure effort. 



Om Namah Shivay