Everything in our life if it is less quality or we don’t have we compare with others and we get self demotivated. And their is Chance that we compare ours being high Quality and rich with others make them demotivated in life. 

It means that if you compare then you mean to hurt others, We should compare our self’s past and present. Every one is different  and need different things then others. Here is a story:

Once their lived a crane and a fox. They good friends and would be good each other.

Once the fox invited the crane for lunch the fox made soup. The fox pored it in the cup and they started to drink but the crane was not able to drink the soup as it is kept in a bowl the crane’s beak was big and couldn’t drink. 

The next day the fox came for lunch the crane made fish soup and poured it is long vessels. The tried to drink but the fox’s small beak got stuck in the vessel.

The things are different for others according to them and never think they are rich are correct, every one has their capabilities.

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