In Hindu scriptures, the words “Lila” and “Maya”(illusions) have been used frequently. “Lila” loosely means a “divine play”.

I have gathered that this world is nothing but a Great Play, directed and scripted by the Supreme. Through His powerful “Maya”, He creates the necessary actors and villains from “droplets” so that the plot can proceed as per His design and desire.

Can you bring a drop of liquid to life? Impossible. However, in this drama of the Almighty, a droplet (of semen) not only transmutes into a full fledged human being but also performs the predetermined role in His play, by hook or by crook.

Still one comes across many morons who foolishly boast,” We’re self-made persons.”
It’s really amusing for an enlightened soul to see the temerity of such halfwits.

Trust me, everything happens according to His wish.
In accordance with His whim, even though the coconut trees in the coastal areas ingest saline seawater, they bear fruits filled with delicious and sweet fluid.

Everything is in His hands. Have faith in Him.

If you want to attain bliss, follow His directions instead of listening to the rubbish of your brain.

Brain trains you to be a selfish, cunning and mean person. If you listen too much to your brain, I assure you that you would always remain discontented and miserable.

The Almighty resides in the hearts of beings. Only by paying heed to the whispers of one’s heart, one can ensure lasting serenity and joy for oneself.

~ Sanjay Gargish ~

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