Everything in Nothing

A poem written on a bike ride by the river on a late summer afternoon


There is something

About lying on a bench under the open sky

The wind washes away my cares

And I am alive again.


There is something

About the blue heron that stands meditatively

Almost in stillness

And I am silent again.


There is something

In the cool breeze that caresses my face

As I pedal relentlessly

And I am happy again.


There is something

In the rippling river waters that gleam in the sunlight

As I pause listening

And I can breathe again.

There is something,

In the billowy white clouds that sail across deep blue skies,

As i savour the moment,

And I can dream again.


Some would say it’s nothing

Just the air, the water, the earth – shouldn’t we take these for granted?

For me these are the most precious everything we have

So we can live again.



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