I came to Delhi from Naukuchiatal (Nainital) in Mid March to have some relaxing time and also to collect books for my daughter’s new school session. Husband too had few scheduled meetings. Here are few incidents :

1.       We came, weather changed played havoc, and we all fell sick. Luckily none of us got Covid but had cough and cold for a week.

2.       I normally clean my crockery and sharp objects on my own so that my domestic help doesn’t get hurt in the process. I am also mindful to collect the broken glass pieces in a separate bag while giving it to garbage man warning him in advance that this bag has sharp objects or glass pieces. While washing my chopper blades recently, I got a deep cut on my right hand thumb. It was deep. Current status, healed almost 90 percent.

3.       Next day while grilling few kebabs, I got a good burn on my left hand’s index finger. Current status, it pains and still need 3 days I guess to heal. (Plz be careful, microwave burn is dangerous and painful)

4.       I was about to write a blog, my neighbour aunty called and asked me to see her in a minute. (Her husband was recently operated and I thought she needed some help in there). So I rushed and saw my maid (we have common domestic help in building) suffered a major burn. Aunty asked me to rush her to the hospital. I went up, with two injured fingers, grabbed car keys, wallet and took her to emergency in the nearest hospital. Her pain was too much and her son’s phone was out of coverage. Then after some time, with her dressing done, cleared the bill and went to drop her to her house. Now comes the interesting part, she was so much in pain that she blacked out. I did not know her address (how ignorant I am as she is working in my home for past 4 years and i do not know where does she live). I switched on the AC, gave her some water and asked her the direction for her home. Somehow she regained consciousness and directed me. But when I was almost there, she forgot her house lane, we entered wrong narrow lanes, and that was a real challenge. After almost 30 minutes I could drop her at her home, handed her some money for further medical care and came back. Gave the car keys to husband who was waiting and late for already scheduled meet.

5.       We decided not to hire any other maid till she recovers, due to rising covid cases and a toddler at home. Next day while opening the fridge, I got badly hurt in my right toe. Half nail broke but was still hanging there with just a small support of the flesh. Doctor said we can not cut the nail as it might give you some infection. Dressing done and I came back. Current status- It is more than 10 days and I still get dressing done. It might take 7 more days to be normal, not healed properly but I will be able to wear slippers atleast. Maid is still on leave for another 10 days and by the time she will join I might be back to mountains.

You might be thinking why am I telling you all this…

Because had it been the earlier version of Shalini Pandey, I would have felt anxious, stressed out and would have gone back to the feeling of depression and lifelessness. But I am not complaining. I am able to manage my home well, including every household chore, a toddler and an Oriya husband (mentioning this because Oriya people can’t compromise with the variety of delicacies in their meal and I am not very fond of cooking) 🙂

I had come to Delhi for some good time and absolutely opposite happened. I should have been disappointed but i am not. 

Once swami ji had said- “you are exactly at the place you are supposed to be” and this statement gave me strength.

I may have wanted something else, but life had other plans.

May be it is my testing time. Nature wants to test how much I can adjust when the situation is not as per my expectations. This is my time to evolve.

It might look very normal to you guys but trust me for me it is very challenging time but I am still able to do everything, write blog, did not miss BL app streak, did not miss workout (even if it meant only 15 mins floor workout), did not miss os.me posts while managing all my daily chores as a housewife.

We all face similar situation and sometimes we break down and feel upset why did this happen to me and all those stuff. May be it is there to help us evolve. May be it is a lesson not to get bogged down by the adversity life throws upon us. Zindagi imitehaan leti hai…

And I am a very restless person who can be agitated and stressed easily, but all this while from past 10 days, I have only lost my mindful speech twice. That’s an achievement for me. Further swami ji gave task of waking up or going to bed 40 mins earlier than our regular time, that was bit difficult initially , only in thoughts.

After finishing all my chores I love to read late in the night and I am not at all an early riser. So how would I manage this task ?

But as we all know his ways are unique. Our colony got a new garbage collector , definitely a morning person, who now comes almost an hour early than the usual time. So I am getting up early every morning.

I know myself, how I am transforming. I am not a meditator, I have not undertaken any sadhna so far,  but somewhere with his grace only I am realising it is all in the mind. If we don’t mind, it doesn’t matter. With right people in my company , BL app and his grace, one can definitely overcome any tough time with mindfulness.

I did face few rough days, specially after toe injury, but due to calmness in mind, everything seems well and this is what I have to go through now to evolve.

We somehow don’t know what is our capacity to take pain, until we are left with no other option. Just like with every round of recurring pain during my labour, I thought that’s the maximum I can take but then more severe pain and I could tolerate that too (that’s a different case that after 32 hrs of labor pain I still had to go for c-sec). 🙁

Similarly, we do not realise our real potential until we are faced with challenges which we never thought we could handle.

Too much gyan no ? ok ok I am stopping here…but I have this absolute realisation that surrender, faith and mindfulness can help us overcome any tough time.

Thanks for reading and giving me your precious time.

Also few kind people have supported me (Support the author). This housewife is grateful to all of those who showed this kind gesture. It will be of help to me as I also support my bed ridden uncle financially and I do not like to ask for money when it comes to fulfill a commitement that I made on my own. Thanks from the deepest core of my heart.

Oh sorry, I had written I am stopping…I m a chatter box I guess. Thanks again.

Jai sri Hari.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

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