The child hood memmorise my heart, eyes and tummy carry are not of the books i read or clothes i bought but of the different mouth watering surcomptous food i ate ! Among that too the sweet and baked cream filled Choclate eclairs top the list! Since Ankita and Kavana my two sweet babies of are unaware of this out of the world Angelic food ,let me just describe my mouth s ,taste buds and greedy tounge s experience with these Choclate glazed,Vanilla cream filled flyffy ,puffy and mouth melting delight!Dog bone shaped perffectly baked, pure magics a Choclate eclair pastry! Its a French sweet and named eclair either because it shines like lightening or we eat it at lightening speed!where as Napolean cheese cake is its cousin the famous Wengers pastry shop in Delhi from British Raaj of 1920 s to all 5 star hotel’s pastry shops as La baguette of Imperial hotel or Ye old baby of hotel claridges are the places to have this delicacy which is way different from a pastry with its unique and mouth memorable Divine taste! Do share your favorite pastry flavors too! I m sorry i m writing this on a day when Swamiji said give up one habbit most dear to you, and most of us have taken a sankalp to leave sweets !

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