Strive for perfection in everything you do…. Accept nothing as nearly right or good enough. – Sir Frederick Henry Royce.

In today’s world, life is calculated on an individual’s financial success. People strive for excellence. Parents push their kids towards excellence. Right from childhood, kids are pressured to perform and bring good grades. They are made feel bad if they are not up to the mark; constant comparison and pressure have led some kids to depression, and some have lost their war of life. But is it acceptable to put so much pressure on the kids or anyone to perform in a specific way?

Body shaming is one thing that there in the media these days. And this has come to every household, leave aside offices. But we forget that as intelligence, every individual has a metabolism that is not the same for everyone. Some people have different metabolism and some others.

The fact remains that every individual has a different emotional upbringing, and some are brought up in such an environment that they have a different panic button and different reactions to the same situation. Life can’t be the same for everyone, people with different mindsets. So, we need to understand that everyone cannot be the same and everyone cannot be perfect in every situation; the working style is based on several factors. These can be

  • Their upbringing
  • Their education
  • Family situation
  • Peer group
  • Friends
  • Mental & Physical health

Thus, we need to give everyone some breather and let them be themselves and not judge them on same parameter.

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