Hello to all the members and readers who are reading this, today I am going to tell you a self learning truth, so lets begin.

We all do expect something in our life, Expectation means to expect your happiness and sorrow from the point of view of others.

There are also two paths of expectation one is to do the expectation with oneself and one is to do an expectations from others. Self expectation is very important and everyone must expect something from himself, like am i a good person? , are my deeds good? , is the path on which you are walking is right?

The hope of oneself does not go in vain and even if it is broken it does not hurt but it’s completely opposite in expecting from others but the question here is that why do we expect from others, what are the reasons which compel us. The answer is simple that we want to prove ourselves better in the minds of others and from this we expect others to think and act in our way, we start giving importance to what other people think about us and when we don’t get satisfactory results or expectations then it hurts and that pain gives birth to anger, jealousy, depression, anxiety which is enough to ruin anyone’s life. 

After all, why does this happen, why do we tie wrong expectations from others? 

  • Social lifestyle – Every person whether or not lives according to the society, since childhood, he/she was forced to live according to the society and it becomes the identity of that person. We learn what we see happening in society and our hopes are born from that.                                   
  • Current trend – In today’s kalyug people have started living on the pretense that whose instagram, facebook post has got more likes, whose daily profile is good and they consider it right but are their life really what it is supposed to be? Not at all, people have started living in the virtual world, This world teaches them to forget thier own reality and live on the reality of others. 

At last, I want to share a simple thing which will save you from all these wrong expectations and help you to become a better person-

  • Increase self expectation it is right to expect from others but in a limit ie. More expectation means more pain and it is a secret, It is better to have hope with yourself which will Increase your confidence and you will get the right direction.                    
  • Gain good things from society, follow good rules of society. Society is not bad, but what you learn from it is more important, adopt the good things of society. 

At last be simple and keep it simple…… 



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