Jai Shri Hari!

Life is so unpredictable. With in few days everything changed… I don’t know from where should I start…

Let me take you through a beautiful journey from Online classes to Offline classes and then through a hard story from offline classes to online classes. We all know how important is college life and how many things we learn in this span but this pandemic has done something worse to this. It was back in 2020 when we got a notice from institute that “you have to leave hostel for 15 days as whole world is facing this deadly virus.” We all were so happy and excited. You can imagine the scenario in Engineering college… Students were shouting “Jai Corona” but as soon as this period started all things changed. Life was different… This 15 days break turned in to 20 months break. After so many days finally our institute invited us back to the campus in October 2021. We were so happy. We spent 3 months in our college and we enjoyed the flavor of offline exams after 20 months. We enjoyed that exam pressure… We enjoyed the company of our friends. But now again everything is changing… We are having Omicron with us… I was in home for few days and I missed first two classes on 3rd and 4th January 2022. I was so excited for offline classes because before this we gave exams only and our classes were still online. I came back on 5th January early morning and what happened next? In afternoon our institute administration said: “Your classes will run via online mode if students want to leave hostel they can leave and they can go to their home and those who want to stay here they have to follow strict protocols.” I was shocked, what is happening? As we are in final year we have enjoyed 3 months stay but what about our juniors? Third year students came on 1st January only and they have to leave now? what is this? And what about 2nd year students, for them it was the very first time when they were reporting physically in their campus. They came on 5th January and same day they got this notice.

When I see around me, the vibe of fear, anger is there. Everyone is packing and going to home but I’m not going anywhere for now. The environment is quiet depressing.

How to deal with this?

What I know is that:

  • Keep your mental health your priority, Stay Happy, Stay Calm.
  • Keep your immune system strong. Drink Kadha, do Yoga Meditation.
  • Follow Covid-19 guidelines, wear mask, follow social distancing.
  • At last everything is already fixed but we have to give our best.
  • Chant the holy name of Mother Divine.

Beside this what happened, you wanna know?

I was hoping to meet Swami Ji in upcoming event but on 3rd January I got a call from Ashram: “Abhishek Ji this upcoming event is postponed and you’ll be informed accordingly, please check website for more information and to stay updated.”

Is par mai kuch nahi bol sakta…. Agar bolne laga to mai ro jaunga….

Welcome to 2022 #New_Year….