I wrote this poem in punjabi,  my mother tongue but today I translated it into English for you all. I wrote this poem as I was contemplating one day on a thought  that why people have so much hate for each other, why one sided lovers keep on waiting for their beloved, why ? why? Why can’t God place love in everyone’s heart for everyone around them because he is almighty he can do that. So this is the answer that came from within and I penned it down as a poem…

I asked the love why you always walk in with swagger?

Tell me the highest price you ask from a bidder?

“You are naive and callow”, said love laughingly.

Priceless I am, you think you get me paying!?

How come I knock the door of the hearts smeared with filth,

How come I crucify my existence in the hearts that measure me with their words and physical breadth and width.

You have confined my freedom in the suffocating eyes of the physicality,

You have suffocated my feelings in the web of words,

Tell me how come I stay in anyone’s heart?

I am the gift of the divine existence,

Don’t try to understand me, just feel me.

Don’t confine me inside the concrete walls of flesh,

Don’t lock my experience with your words! 

Clean the surface of your heart everyday,

I might enter your heart uncalled, and gratuitously, 

Just like this, someday.