belief, knowing, knowledge, or wealth ??? 

My question isn’t which one you want, my question is…. which one means the most to you ? Depending on the One you choose tells a lot about a person’s energy, the answer will activate her’s or his consciousness . It will make them think 🤔 and once the thought is process properly… Their souls essence will eventually emerge, and then you will see the truth reflect from the twinkle of their eyes. I believe in myself, myself will not let me down, i believe in you, i believe that you will do what you’re supposed to do, I believe in my soul to guide me, and my spirit to thrust me onto my stage…. From all my ashes I have burned off, from all the scars that have worn off…. And for all the tears that  I have tasted, from being at the bottom of the abyss, so cold and lonely…. Dark and anxious, grinding my teeth until my gums bleed…. I still believe !!!! Belief is Divinity !!!