“Universe assist clarity, confusion creates dilution” — Om Swami (paraphrased)

“Something nutritious, The Best I can prepare for you to get nourished and excel. To learn, absorb, and implement. ” –Om Swami (paraphrased)

In the phenomenal motivational and information-packed session of Om Swami Ji, Sales (WTD 2) and another lovely post related to startups here.

The takeaway from the session is phenomenal, This post is not the summary of the session, but something I remembered in retail sales I did as a student.

Sharing a small method, which I read and implemented during my college day part-time sales work.

Communication in the form of Compassion and Connect. 


Selling a product line could be a toothbrush, detergent, beauty products, mobile devices, health pills, and or any electronic gizmo. Putting yourself into the shoes of the customer and creating a story to pull their attention towards your proposition starts with…

Smiles, Listening with positive nods, and then apply the F-F-F (sales method).

Simple open-ended Questions (having only answer as YES), and then getting them to get in the mode of saying YES (3-4 times) for all the neutral questions. Then comes the proposition of sharing product/service detail, to answer their hesitation and or 111query, the F-F-F comes in handy. But we need to be all ears first, before speaking (Listening more)

I know how You Feel (Be it negative, positive, neutral),

I really Felt the same way initially (mirroring the person’s emotions and stating I am with You – empathize),

But, you know what I Found (all positive, after using that product or service).

This technique is so flexible and easy to implement, be it Home, Office, Public place for any sales or negotiation approach.

This simple technique has helped me do my FIRST sale, eye mascara to a classmate(premium product) while studying in college. Part-time sales work I did to support my expenses as a student. There are many such stories after that 1st sale. Sold a $7 (cost price) item for $13, wow I was rich 😉 . That small sale was testimony, that method works and anybody can sell.

At Home: I have seen personally, Smiling and Listening first and then apply F-F-F

While being at home and we know at times (as married couples) the cold looks and the silence so tangible, you can even use a sharp knife to cut it. Kids are many many times unaware of what that heaviness is around. While walking through that. Breaking the same and opening the windows (getting the foot in) to communicate, needs the F-F-F method.

“You know dear, I Feel the same heaviness and discomfort with words we exchanged, just like you feel. I Felt the same way and it’s terrible on my part to share those tough words with you. But you know what I Found, this was needed to unleash the hidden emotions and vent it out together”.

Works like a charm and surely is very soothing at the home front. Be it brother, sister, or your partner. 

Me not a sales trainer, but yes, the experience of so many odd jobs and seeing people sell and getting caught into the sales net, I shared the above few lines. Hope this be of help to many or at least one person. So that can assist to improve upon their revenues or personal deadlock scenarios.

I have undergone this knowingly or unknowingly many times over, negotiating my way around and overcoming any awkward stuck (so I thought so) situations of life, with a smile I just went ahead and implemented it…and Yes I excelled. 

Hope this might help…

Please share if anyone has used F-F-F and in which situation?

— In the devotion of Swami Ji

Jai Shri Hari !!!

“Loving the straight heart to heart talks with Swami Ji during WTD, and watching the recordings of WTD over and over. Anyone else?”

Pic Courtesy: Designed in Canva by me.