A place to be ourselves, be ME, be I, be the US, and just BE…what a lovely place to express and share the thoughts, that flow like Giri river, much like the love & compassion of our Swamiji.

He always surprises, rather, he is a BIG surprise in every aspect. I have mustered together, little strength to stand & commit, to learn, to absorb & to implement.

The last few months have been literally a Re Re Re-set in many many aspects of life.

Eventually to close few doors, not meant to walk through. And surely to open many BIG doors to walk through and run by the path designed and chosen for by the loving lord.

Having said so and sitting there for the CHANGE to happen, just won’t. A deep desire to be sticking to one virtue and following the path to driving one’s lazy irrational reasoning mind out of the way. Such that we can be at ease of claiming, Yes, at least I could, I will and I am…

His unconditional love, grace, and just a sweet smile bring loads of baggage off the shoulder down to earth. Listening to him, watching him, and yes reading him (I mean his posts and books 🙂 ). Reading is such a sweet habit that I cultivated in me through some good association & NOW I know why I got it. To read and re-read his love for us (Poem from OS), to understand the gravity of his love & not just scuba dive, DEEP dive in it.

Engagement with social media has been very nagging and compulsive at times for me. I have had Orkut & Hangout breaks, WhatsApp fasts, left facebook, NO Twitter. Yet all these are there in some way or form around me for the work purposes only…A beautiful compilation of tips by Om Swamiji, here.

I don’t need to see and get inspired (jealous way) by what others are doing. Watching their insta & fb posts. Following them on Twitter. I know who to follow, how to follow, now.

Sick and tired of “they“, What will they say?, What will they do?, What will they ask?, How will you explain “they”? and many more unanswered queries to satisfy “they”, you know what I mean. My love has increased many folds to read more and write more. Feel at home.

 “If you are not paying for it, you’re not the customer; you’re the product being sold.” – Om Swami

Now the trend is to dig deep and spend some time to hear more and more, what people are thinking, who are like-minded, non-judgemental, caring, compassionate, and most kind in the world (my known world).

Eventually, involving in the activities of spreading joy & kindness with dedicated guidance, one can never go wrong. Nurturing the mind, with a just-right dose of everything. I find here at OS home.

 “It requires mindfulness to logout.” – Om Swami —

— In the devotion of SwamiJi

Jai Shri Hari !!!

I did join “Walk The Dragon“- knowing I need a BIG change or small subtle tuning of my path in this physical world.

Image Courtesy: Designed & Created in Canva