Prakash was the youngest son among a family of 3 sisters and 2 brothers including him of a small town of Punjab. His father retired when Prakash was just 7 years old and had meager pension to support Prakash s studies so being a Brahmin now Prakash used to visit the village zamindaar s house to have before school as well his bright study records made him eligible to get scholarship for his school study ! Still the expenses of his uniform books and school essentials made his 10 year elder brother frown at and Prakash could only finish his F.a ( 12th of 1940 s in British ruled India) .Prakash was a bright and hard working good looking man who was a naturopath too. He used to get up at 4 am and have 1 litter of water ,massage his body with amla oil and do yoga for 2 hours before doing his every day 20 minutes Sandhya Paath ,and then go to teach junior primary school students tution at their house in his close vicinity! He soon got appointed in Delhi under British raj in air head quaters and with his honesty ,diligence, punctuality and hardwork reach to position of Gazzeted officer from a mere lower division clerk. Prakash married Leela a Hindi teacher at a municipality school and the eldest sister among her family.Leela was 8 years and 8 inches shorter than Prakash and an excellent cook.In 1950s she was among very few working women who managed house ,profession ,kids and relatives single handedly without washing machines, mixis ,cars , house helps and even basic gas stove and cylinder( never did they know pleasure like us of net flix,watts app ,face book ,you tube) . Soon Leela had 2 kids at age gap of 1.5 years and she called her husband s teenage neice to help her raise the kids when she was away to School for teaching. While Prakash was a disciplinarian, Leela was the most lovable and pampering mother! Specially her younger son and her relationship was 2 jism ek jaan ( 2 bodies 1 soul) .Prakash used to warn Leela on not being extra loving with their son Pappu but Leela still silently used to cook his favorite french fries each meal when Pappu used to refuse eating ghiya,tori ,tinde ,karelaa ,daal or fruits! Since Leela was earning herself but all her salary was taken by Prakash to manage house expenses and make own house( they lived in a rented house) , she still had some kitty money to buy Pappu chhat pakori and coca cola! They say children learn with example but being such a healthy ,excercising and God s name chanting man too still Prakash s son as a college goer was big belly ied with no excercising, cigarette smoker, occasional drinker and being extremely handsome, English speaker and very compassionate disloyal to his girl freind too! Once he revealed to his life pattner after marriage that my father used to hit me even at slightest demand of a toy or junk food item and he remembered a particular incident of his father hitting him all the way from market to home when he demanded a criket ball! Pappu was good in academics and secured a good government job but till 5 years his father breathed his last they never talked.Pappu lost his mother to cancer at age of 30 and the next 30 years he lived were each day filled with body pains ,splitting head ache or severe acid refluxes ! What fault did the successful Prakash make to raise a son for whom he became a failure Father?