Often a times we say that, “I am focusing on so many things, so I am busy.” But honestly,  this statement never worked for me, although I wish I could manage a lot of things at one time yet I fail every time. For me focus means giving your whole hearted attention to one particular thing and then just putting all other things on rest. Did this work for me? Yes, it did and that’s why I am writing this post today. 

There are many of us who have health issues, are going through tough times, are looking forward for a good job, expecting to clear a competitive exam, trying to inculcate good habits, want to progress spiritually, etc. but yet after all the tedious efforts you are only left with demotivation, self doubt, and daunted mindsets. I am saying this all because I have gone through all these feelings for years and yet in the humdrum of my life I never found anything useful or my focus. But as it is said:

Failure is not fatal.

No matter how fruitless we have been in our years long efforts, we still have some lessons to learn from and work on our loopholes. 

So this year, Corona gave me enough time to have a microscopic look at my weaknesses and where I give my mind chances to slip out from a back door. Before sharing the things I learnt, I just want to tell all those who find it hard to make it through a particular task, just find out your own loopholes and if possible make a list of it and then you can very well sort out this problem of not reaching your goals. Things I have learnt about myself:

  1. I cannot focus on two things at a time. For eg. If I’m working on my food or health, I cannot think of inculcating other habits at the same time. Okay! Let me simplify it. Let’s say I want to start a good running routine, a healthy food diet, a study routine and also the habit of reading books. Now if someone tells me to start all these things on the same day, I will eventually lose my track. Thus choose one thing at one time.                 
  2.  Another thing is which habit or goal to choose first. So it depends from person to person and also according to one’s priorities in life. Like for me right now study is a priority as my exams are overhead so I can skip other goals, I will go for them once my exams are over. Again, it depends from person to person and their capacity.                                                       
  3. Slow progress is also progress. Never ever dare to think that you are not progressing towards your goal. If you have picked a goal, just be patient and keep in mind that no matter how slow you are progressing, you are inching towards your goal each day.     
  4.  Second nature rule- it is scientifically proven that once you practice something for 66 days it becomes your second nature. So try to inculcate one habit and practice it regularly for 66 days and then pick another goal. This way you would have got habitual of the first thing and it will be easier for you to instil another habit or habits. For eg. I started doing morning walks and when I continuously did it for 2-3 months, I picked another goal and that was healthy eating. This way my first habit remained intact and I added the other goal in my basket.       
  5.   Don’t forget to smile, and appreciate yourself for the first goal you have achieved.  Just feel the bliss and be thankful to the nature for it, as without enjoying your accomplishments, you can’t feel contended which I think is the ultimate goal of all goals. So if what if you haven’t find satisfaction in the first goal? Then don’t go for the other one. How to find satisfaction- read the next point.                                           
  6.  Try to make discipline more of a celebration. Try to choose the ways towards your goal which are more apt for you. Like some get healthy through gyms, some yoga or dance or running or physical household work, etc. So you can choose the way you like the most. Same goes for meditation, some like to do silent meditation,  some kirtan or jap or pranayam, etc. Choose your own path.           

At last I just want to say despite writing all these inspirational prompts, I’m an imperfect human being. I fail, fail and fail again but somehow God picks me up everytime and this goes for everyone. He picks up everyone. And I just remembered a tip from a great Saint who said that live life as if you are playing a game, don’t get too serious about it. Children while playing games fall several times, but do they quit the game? No! Why? Because they were enjoying it…so enjoy the game of life and you will never want to quit it even after you’ll fall. Lots of love and laughter😊😊😁😁❤❤🌟🌟