After searching for long 

I finally settled

for a life I did not want

with the flow of moments 

I kept along

on one of these fine ones

he appeared and stirred away my fears

the long lost hope was  rekindled

now my boat was firmly held by Faith

His wish was my command

He was the pride to whom I belonged

A sudden burst of joy

made me forget

I was just a toy 

nature brought me to life

for there was work to be done 

no time to be lazy and coy 

The brilliant moon

the mighty sun 

there was nothing I could not become

I was not myself

but this new me was what i wanted to become 

In those moments of joy

arrogance reigned

gratitude felt shy

obsession was on all-time high 

the weed of insanity now 

grew in no time 

Faith that once made me fly was now silent & lonely 

ready to be defied

one after another 

a slip there 

a bruise here 

it didn’t hurt then 

but the sum total had brought a bend

in my life ;

to the happiness that I once chirped out loud 

& always ready to lend

soon I was gasping for breath

the sudden demise

was not so sudden after all;

one drop after another 

and it turned into a might waterfall !!!


Such is the power of faith 

Swamiji says, it can make or break mountains!!

Failures, make us weak but it is them that make the grip of faith tight after all. 

nurture it, 

so you don’t hear 

the sudden stomp

the thud of a mighty fall 

for it is the cushion of Faith

that protects as all !!

With folded hands I pray to Swamiji and Sri Hariji to rekindle that fire of faith within me( us) 

that can once again make or break mountains!! 

At Your Lotus Feet, lies  a humble prayer  O’ lord


let me in!!

Sri Hari Bahgwan ki Jai !!