“I don’t know what to make of “my faith” in our Swami ji!

Like most others I have been through the whole rigmarole (books, videos, F-2-F meeting). When I look at the outwardly situation, meaning my troubles; of course some parts of my world has changed positively but they are not gone.

On the inside a lot has changed; outlook on life with self acceptance have improved and fluctuations of emotions has definitely reduced. I miss Swami ji all the time. Missing him happens off it’s own accord and often asking him in my personal conversation please make this happen or that not happen.

The incident I am going to narrate here is not too exciting but can be filed in “faith” category or not, I will let you decide? My regular guest of life are troubles as always. Therefore, I wrote to Sadhvi Vrinda ji asking for help. She is a kind heart. In between exchange of mails I consistently felt that I needed a mantra to Japa. This mantra not for personal gain, but for contributing my part of positivity in to this world. Hence, I kept on beggaring her.

In my parallel world some weeks ago I started singing “Om Namo Bhagawate Vasudevaya” after listening to Late Pandit Jasraj’s poem. Guess what she comes to me after much persuasion with same mantra. I never revealed this to her.

What is this; a weird coincidence or really some connection with Swami? I don’t know. I just miss him like my big daddy or a bestie. I respect him; as some supernatural, good for the planet earth phenomenon. My mind fights the “faith” but I still miss him.

Whilst writing this I have had a clear reminder of Sadhvi Vrinda’s books (OM Swami as we know him & the Book of Faith) on how Swami auto-suggests, watches, changes our lives outside and in!

Can’t wait to see Swami, it hurts not being able to see him. Do you guys feel anything like this?”

Please do not make any donations to me; please make them to the ashram. I just need opportunity to simplify my life enabling me to serve all. Plus give me contentment with what I get or don’t get in life.