When we hear something from one who is worthy of our reliance, and
have not the practical means to examine what he says, we are disposed to take their words as true.
Docile and relatively receptive mind, such as of little children and ladies, is a suitable soil to sow the seed of fatih. Men(or women) exercised in reasoning are not very willing to give in. Faith is the ‘effect’ of a word ,uttered by someone we trust,on the simplicity and receptivity of one’s mind. This sort of faith flourishes in the faint light of ignorance. In the rise of knowledge , it doesn’t stand a chance to ‘be’ since it is not based on real truth.

If the seed of faith is sown by the words of a higher soul, it may develop gradually into consummate knowledge. This faith is not based on ignorance. Such faith, based on truth, promts one to act without the help of arguments or reasoning. When the due performance of action brings forth the fruit, the faith becomes stronger. The intricate net-work of arguments of non believers are no longer able to undermine it.

There are some people who do not turn their eyes to God even in sore distress, not in search of knowledge, nor for worldly gain, and nor all the wise dedicate themselves to the lord. It is said unless one has to his credit some deeds of spiritual merit or the grace of the lord, it’s unreasonable to expect someone to feel his mind naturally drawn towards the lord.

However much it may be true that faith eases the spiritual path ,so long as this faith does not grow up in the heart by natural development, one must respectfully maintain his disbelief without thinking the same is harmful. Even disbelief in him(lord) does not stand outside his laws. There are stages of indifference to all faith; active disbelief ;and radiant faith.

Disbelief is not evil at all as it constitutes a necessary stage in our lives. Those, who cannot see far look upon the present as the only stage that counts, are right in depreciating disbelief. If seen comprehensively, the harm of disbelief is temporary and accepted in view of ultimate good.

Reading, and paraphrasing here a part of the meticulously written article by Mahamahopadhyaya Gopinath Kaviraj, titled ‘Faith in God’, has left a significant impact and let me experience much openness.

The path is unique to yours. One need not strive to make it alike to that of someone else. One who in desperate need of water, wouldn’t give his attention to the vessel, just whatever ables him to drink. Spirituality is the most intimate affair, consider it likewise.

The signature statement by Om sir is now more illuminated :”Discover your own truth”

*God, Lord signifies pure consciousness, here, or do they? Find out for yourself 😉