Strange but true .Its my last month of salary jun2021.31 years of service in my most awesome

company Thai Airways.entire youth has gone by,working and carrying on my responsibility’s.

My husband a good man,but never interested in work,or shouldering his responsibilities.All my life

i was the man of the home.I am tired,but will never give up.This is grace of my master ,my prabhu

for me.

By the end of the month another two days I will know from my company,if I will be told to go or

i am saved,as they are downsizing.

My faith is so strong ,my surrender so deep .I am amazed at myself.which I never was before.

I know my master will protect me,whatever will happen he knows best.I used to put a lot of 

questions to my master.But strangely there is nothing left to ask but just a deep purpose to make 

him proud.

I don’t know what is in store for me,how will I run my home.There is insecurity.But deep down 

I know my faith is so strong that I am protected,faith can move mountains.

If years of my illness of depression can go,then why not this.

The path of black lotus goals,and surrender has changed me totally.There is a huge shift.

And all is grace.
Faith never fails,dive into it.Hari Bol.