It was early morning when i woke up to do my regular meditation and Bhajan Kirtan which i started probably a little more than 1 month back. Off late i have been pulled into this spiritual journey/Self-realization path even though i was a guy doing pooja everyday but never until one month back i felt the necessity to establish the bond with the supreme power. A certain incident gave me this kick of exploring this part which was unventured until this period.
Only yesterday i had read the article written by Sushreeji on the Scorpion incident with her and i kept wondering how a simple act of faith & surrender can train your mind to be absolutely free of fear, anxiety, depression, restlessness and all those words synonym to these but i never knew what was in store for me.
I sat down in my pooja ghar and started meditating via the black lotus app. I had just completed the guided meditation and when i was about to start the silent one i saw a lizard right in front of me. I tried to Shoo it away and as a result of which the poor chap who was as frightened as me starting running around on the floor next to where i was sitting. I jumped off and went to the corner of the room and started to look at her. Everything i had read until now in Om Swamiji’s book and the Scorpion article by Sushreeji started flashing in my memory. I simply kept looking at her small little black eyes and started visualizing mother divine in her , then a certain sense of comfort creeped in when i remembered the lines which stated that God is within everyone and when you are doing Devi Sadhana then there’s no reason for you to panic. I then offered my obeisance to Om Swamiji and sat down to meditate even though i could see the lizard looking at me.
This particular act would never have been possible had it been few months back, i would have never sat down not until that little creature was out of my sight.
Even though its been just a month away since i started gaining my interest in this area of spiritualism and i am not a ardent sadhaka like many others in this community but still it gave me a great sense of relief that i could perform my task amid the non-comfort zone i was in.
Its a small message to seekers like me who have just began their journey not to loose hope and try developing the sense of faith and trust in the process which will definitely yield result one day if you are determined and consistent.

“Let Nothing disturb you, let nothing frighten you,
Everything Passes away except God”

*The Above two lines were given to me by Mom while i left my native to get a job *

In a hope to meet and seek Om Swami ji’s blessing one day……

Since this is my first post would like to dedicate this to my Parents, my wife Linu, ,9 months old Aadi, entire family, close friends and Subhransu(the guy who pulled me out of a mental crisis)

Jai Shri Hari
ॐ दुर्गायै नमः

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