This is a story written by 17 year old daughter Vachana. lt goes like this;

The days are bleeding and nights are healing.The spring is gone and the winter awaits .There lays a huge storm and I stand with an only umbrella.

I have to break through the storm to see myself the real me.I was all alone ,but without being discouraged I walked in.

It pushed me back rather too harshly,but I did not give up and kept going My cap flew away and so my jacket,but my umbrella stayed with me and helped me reach till the middle by protecting me from the harsh winds.

.Another half of the journey was left ,but this time I was not alone.The sun rose,and the land smiled.The grass wished me luck.I was so enthusiastic that I flew ahead with my umbrella.Mean while I happened to see a rainbow 🌈.The colours reminded me of seven gems that are way more beautiful than the rainbow.

Tears flowed down my cheeks, they did not fall down but rather went up to form another cloud . This cloud was not a regular one but was colourful .

Meaning :- The umbrella my parents , the sun is my om swami , the storm is my upcoming future , the gems and the colours of the rainbow are my close friends.

The storms are formed by my overthinking, mistakes ,ego, ignorance  .Thecolourful cloud formed at the end was different because I have shed the above storm .