I step this way once again,

To break the sticks out of the way.

So it happens day after day.

Afraid I was, to crush the precious leaves,

That I would offend somebody.

But all in all, it makes no sense,

Because it’s impossible anyway.

For every step I take I destroy,

And every step I take I create.

But I kick the leaves away once again,

And tell the sky to begin pouring down.

It doesn’t listen, as the sun shines brightly.

Not worrying that it would offend,

As we set the difference between us again.

I step this way once again.

As the sky obliges;

Thunder falls,

And I step this way, once again.

* * * * *

Hi. Rishi here again. I promise this isn’t another one of my random questionnaires. I just want to request a small favor from you all.

For my school this semester, I’m working on a CAPSTONE research project. My topic happens to be related to meditation. Now, I have to get testimonials from meditators as a part of my research. I knew right away that I could turn to my os.me family because most of us here are meditators. It would mean the world to me if you could answer this question in a few lines:

  • How has meditation changed your life or helped you handle stress?

My gratitude to you for reading my post, and I look forward to your responses! Thank you!

~ Rishi