I wrote this poem on a silent walk by the river in October, as the trees changed color and the leaves drifted to the ground, The colors of the falling leaves are a reminder of Her beauty and grace; She, the Divine Mother, who is the invisible Shakti in all of us, in all creation. Like our life is transient, ever changing from birth to death, so also the seasons change year after year, bringing old and new colors, as the dry leaves fall away, making way for the birth of new leaves in the spring. We are here on this on earth only briefly, and how we choose to live our lives, selfishly or selflessly, taking or giving is upto each one of us. Let us resolve to give a little each day, so we can broaden the periphery of  our love and embrace all creation!


falling leaves

falling leaves,

life ebbs away.

moment to moment,

in the breeze.


yellow, brown and red,

so many colors,

“like you and me”,

she said.


i hear the river gush,

a wildflower nods,

a pause in my week today,

tomorrow will be a rush.


falling leaves,

they remind me,

love as much as you can,

you only have now, just be.

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