Since Guru poornima is fast approaching and Our Cheif editor wants us to dedicate a very special post to Our Guru ,this one life lesson rendered to us by Maa Aarti khosla has engrained in my heart beautifully. I used to be very disturbed on the fact that we dont do activities like having meals together, watching t.v.shows together, visiting amusement parks together or even without screens being in same room chit chatting together. Thats how normal families i know or perceive operate.Due to irregular work timings,schedules, prefrences ,tempraments ,behaviour, values and financial spending patterns, as a family though all of us look the most good looking healthy ,educated and polished lot but the hearts are not as replica of each other as shown in movies,books or scriptures.So though all of us had each other in our hearts ,our minds and tounges were not as humble to express and admit love.This greatly made my chattering mind uneasy and not at peace. We as individuals each of us are extremely kind,loving and compassionate aswell great company to hang around with ,having a great sense of humour and wittyness,then why as a family we were usually complaining or sceptical about each other! This constant unpleasant dialouge of my untamed mind was resolved by my Poojya Guru Maa Dr Aarti Khosla who in one Satsang explained, that treat family as a Relay race, each player has his own capacity tenacity,patience, prepration,performance,forte ,skill ,speed and approach.Neither of them can be compared or replaced by each other,neither can they run together nor blame each other for getting defeated! Yes they can rejoice each others success as a team and be a unit! In our family life too if we adopt similar principal that though we r the same unit or team but each has equal independent right to have different view,different approach and different timing to do the same things ,its not something to feel guilty or ashamed for!