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A devotee shares her experience below.

It is two months since I met Swamiji in Delhi on February 6th, 2013. I still carry the feeling of awe that I felt at seeing Him in flesh for the first time. His photos or videos don’t capture the true Self. I have never ever met anyone with such a glow emanating from every pore. It was like the soft beautiful glow from the Sun. Throughout my journey in India whenever I saw the Sun rise or set my mind was immediately transported to that divine darshan. His smile and twinkling eyes were as if holding a wonderful secret and couldn’t wait to share it with everyone.

My personal and professional life suffered a setback and I was looking for answers. My father suggested that I take some solace reading articles published in Speaking Tree and that was when I read some of Swamiji’s posts and went through his blog. When I watched the video of “Vision of the Goddess” I knew He was an Enlightened Soul and the one I was looking for.  My six weeks of interactions with Swamiji on the Speaking Tree was so life changing that I was determined to meet him.

When the time came for me to visit India, I learnt that Swamiji was leaving for Canada and the US. I was devastated and wrote to Swamiji for his darshans.  He replied back saying He will be holding a pravachan in Delhi. We rearranged our travel plans to be in Delhi and I am ever so grateful for Hemaji. She guided me with directions to her place and took care of all Swamiji’s devotees with such love and care.

I had some regrets that I was not fortunate to attend Maha Kumbh Mela . But meeting Swamiji and touching his lotus feet (His palms and feet do look as tender and as pink as lotus petals) was like having a dip in Holy Ganges. Whatever nameless demons that plagued me have just vanished by His darshan and touch of His lotus feet.

I feel light and free now and understand that when you clear the dirt from the glass you can see that what is inside is better. Swamiji’s darshan has cleared the glass for me. There will be occasional smudges on it but if I am vigilant I will clean them as soon as they are formed. By His grace I will get a key to open the door to the real side and be One with it.  Traveling by car and taxi through different states in India we had so many near misses I feel we were saved only by the Divine Grace.

I have come back with feeling of calm. That whatever I was searching for can never be found in my parents, siblings, spouse, children, friends, books, temples or places. I have the least bit interest left in possessing any clothes (which was an obsession), jewelry or money. Without informing anyone I just donated whatever I could carry to a deserving family. I am in state where I ask myself every now and then, why do I need anything? Do I really need anything? Clothes, money, jewelry, property are just unnecessary baggage. I pray this feeling of calmness stays forever.

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During the question and answer session some had asked Swamiji why is it one feels bliss when they meet a divine person and as soon as they leave the place they don’t feel it. Swamiji replied that when one is near a heater one feels the warmth and away from it one doesn’t feel it. On that day, Swamiji lit a spark in me and I will see to it is ever burning and I always feel the warmth and never the cold.


This post was originally published on Swamiji’s fan club website which no longer exists, to know more about that, refer to my intro part of the archives series here.



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