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A devotee shares his experience below.

I met Swamiji for the first time, on 21 Apr 2013 at Pushap Vihar, Delhi. His aura had peace, silence and tranquility. The discourse was simple and absorbing. It showed that he has known and has returned to act as a Bodhisattva to share, guide and help many people understand what he has understood. It is not an easy task. The world does not take kindly to this effort.

There was something in his persona that was infectious. I went to have his darshan again on 30 April in his Ashram. I returned to Delhi on 01 May and since then I have seen the change in me. The urge for an evening tipple or the sun-downer as the British used to call the two chhota pegs is no longer there from the evening of 01 May. Surprisingly when the time comes for this evening routine I sit down for the evening meditation rather than going to the bar. Today 20 days have passed. The calm and serenity that I absorbed from Swamiji is still fresh and on going and is giving a high, a euphoria which is a unique feeling.

I had deliberately not read any of his writings till I met him twice lest it conditions my mind. Since my return I have been reading his blog. I have benefited immensely in my meditation, thoughts and day to day dealings with the world around me. The sleep has become more sound, the energy levels are up and the feeling of well being is continuous. On the whole I feel I have become a different individual.

Swamiji is a Station and not the Destination. We all must reach the Destination from where he has returned. If that is not our effort then we shall stop at his Station, make him our crutch, our drug, our addiction, put our load on him and stop our journey thereby defeat the very purpose of Swamiji.

I must record my gratitude to Dr Suman for initiating me to be in the Buddha-field of reverent Om Swamiji.

Love and best wishes to all the members of Fan club.

Lieut General Dr SB Sehajpal (Retd)

This post was originally published on Swamiji’s fan club website which no longer exists, to know more about that, refer to my intro part of the archives series here.



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Fan club archives : 22 3

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