Grateful for His Divine Presence in My Life!

Last time Swamiji went in solitude was when He left us for His spiritual quest. It wasn’t easy because there were no pre-announcements. We didn’t know when would we see Him next, hear from Him and be with Him. We all knew that that is what He had always wanted. We knew how important it was for Him. We understood His decision and respected it too. But living with it was another matter all together!

You see, Swamiji has always been miraculous. He filled the gap in each one’s life, He was the missing piece of puzzle that completed it to make a perfect one.

All of us who have been blessed to know Swamiji from His purv ashram days clung to one another for comfort and peace.

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Out of all those people around, I will like to think myself as one of the luckiest because my husband, Manik and my sister, Mani Di both are Swamiji’s devotees. So the comforting shoulders were at home itself. We three would talk into the wee hours of the night of our precious and beautiful time spent with Swamiji. So many times we felt Him around. So many times we wished He was around. To hear about Him and talk about Him was comforting. And that is how those dreaded months became bearable to live by.

Ofcourse, time was different this time. We knew when Swamiji was coming back and we knew exactly when were we to have His divine Darshans again. This time we talked about our beloved Master with so much of happiness and joy for we missed Him but we were grateful to know that we would be able to see Him in a few months. Infact none of us felt alone or without Him. His presence was felt around us all the time.

But this period away from Swamiji once again gave the three of us time to reflect back at the wonderful time spent with Him at the Ashram and be grateful for the fact that He came back to us.
I am so grateful to my Master for coming back into our lives and lighting it with His Divine presence. I am so grateful for the certainty His presence has bestowed in my life. The period away from Him was like the darkest night and this period with Him is like a never ending, bright winter morning with the soothing warmth of His presence providing a cosy and hopeful feeling within.

Looking forward to being in His presence at His abode, the Ashram…soon!

Many Pranams in the Lotus Feet of my Master!

Your humbled child…


This post was originally published on Swamiji’s fan club website which no longer exists, to know more about that, refer to my intro part of the archives series here.



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Fan club archives : 23 3

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