Diwali at my Lord’s Abode!

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The beautiful Rangolies (patterns drawn on floor with powder colors) lit up with the soft light from the Diyas (oil lamps) and Candles placed artistically on them, the fragrance from the flowers was intoxicating, the hyms from the local villagers filled the air with Divine mysticism and amidst all this sat my beautiful Divine Master lovingly smiling at all of us, as if caressing our souls, healing them from within, removing the innermost darkness and filling them with love and hope. Was it just me who felt my heart overflowing with joy? A warm, blissful and deep happiness engulfed me.  I looked around and saw the room full of gleeful smiles and twinkling eyes. No, I thought, we were all riding the same wave of a heavenly experience and Swamiji was leading us on it.

Ever since Swamiji came back to us in 2011, I had been wanting to celebrate Diwali at the Ashram with Him. This wish only grew stronger when each time I would hear about the divine experience of the Diwali Kirtan (singing praises of the Lord) and celebrations from the villagers and resident disciples. This year the Divine Mother decided to bless this child of hers and let me be at the Ashram with my Prabhu. I will always be grateful for this blessing for what I experienced is not possible to explain in words but I will try to share it with you all in the best possible way.

It started with a Bhandara (free meals served as a part of rituals) for all the villagers and those present at the Ashram. Later, we all gathered in the Ashram Mandir (temple).

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Swamiji and Vidya Swamiji (resident disciple) started the celebrations by singing some enticing praises of the Lord. The purity and love in their voice for Divine Mother touched me deep within, I felt being pulled into a blissful state. How was I to know that it was only the beginning of what would be one of the most beautiful divine experiences of my life? The high spirited Kirtan by the local villagers followed. They sang for the Lord and they sang for their Swami who has been taking care of them like a mother does of her child. Little girls were presented with gifts as a part of a ritual called Kuwari Poojan, their purity and innocence is believed to represent the Mother Divine.

Later, the main lights were shutdown only the light from the candles and that from the string of tiny red bulbs used for decorating the place remained. It was an enchanting setting. Swamiji got up on the platform He sat on and started the Kirtan with the Maha Mantra and we all followed as the Master lead.  Swamiji was swinging to the tunes of the Divine praise and we were flowing with Him. He danced and rejoiced, sang and laughed and all old and young forgetting their inhibitions went with Him. My heart was ecstatic with the pleasure of seeing my Lord dance in such joy. I had never seen this side of Him before. I was laughing and crying at the same time. I was dancing yet spellbound at the same time. We all were drinking up as much as possible from this overflow of Amrit (holy water). I was so dazed and yet wanted to be conscious enough to retain this beautiful sight and experience it in me forever.

As I sit here writing about the experience and thinking about it, I still feel enchanted. It stirs something in me even today and I am happy because in me it will always stay.

This Diwali will always be the most special one for me as my first Diwali with my Prabhu.
I will be forever indebted to my husband, our parents and a dear friend Hemma who managed the Face Book page for me while I was away. They all made this dream come true for me. But above all this I am so grateful to Swamiji because of whose blessings it was possible.

Many Pranams in the Lotus Feet of my Beautiful Mystical Lord!

Your humbled child…
(More Diwali pictures will be uploaded on the Om Swami page of Face Book soon.)

This post was originally published on Swamiji’s fan club website which no longer exists, to know more about that, refer to my intro part of the archives series here.



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