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A devotee shares his experience below.

Khadgam Cakra Gadesu Capa
Parighan Chulam Bhusundim Sirah
Sankham Samdadhatim Karai
Strinayanam Sarvanga Bhusavrtam
Nilasmadyutimasya pada
Dasakam Seve Mahakalikam
Yamastaut Svapite Harau Kamalajo
Hantum Madhum Kaitabham

“Bearing in Her ten hands, the sword of worship, the discuss of revolving time, the club of articulation, the bow of determination, the iron bar of restraint, the pike of attention, the sling, the head of egotism, and the conch of vibrations, She has three eyes and displays ornaments on all Her limbs. Shining like a blue gem, She has ten faces. I worship that Great Remover of Darkness who the lotus-born Creative Capacity praised in order to slay Too Much and Too Little, when the Supreme Consciousness was in sleep.”

Ever since I had come to know that Swamiji would be available in the Ashram on his return from his sojourn in November, I was filled with an intense desire to visit the Ashram and be at His Lotus Feet.

With Swamiji’s blessings, the desire got translated into action. Mohharum getting shifted to 15th Nov, a three day weekend provided me the ideal opportunity to quickly plan a visit. It is said that the Ashram cannot be reached without Swamiji’s divine consent and likewise no force in this world can stop somebody from visiting the Ashram, if Swamiji so desires and I am sharing my first hand experiences in this regard.

I took a night bus from Delhi to Solan on 14th Nov and had pre-booked a ticket. Somehow, I got late to reach the place of origin from where the Bus was to depart (by more than 40 minutes), but to my utter surprise I found the Bus waiting there and within moments of my boarding, it started off. I thanked my lucky stars and had a very peaceful journey. I got down at Solan early in the morning and before I could figure out as to how to travel from Solan to Kotla Barog and reach the Ashram, I received a call from Smita ji. Incidentally, Smita ji and Samidha ji were also on their way to the Ashram having started from Chandigarh early in the morning and they very kindly offered to pick me up from Solan. Within no time we were there at the Ashram, sitting at the feet of our beloved Swamiji.

The serenity of the place coupled with the divine aura of Swamiji creates an ambience which cannot be described in words. In fact the moment I saw Swamiji I got somewhat startled as I had never seen Swamiji with short stubble and the striking resemblance with Swami Ramkrishna Paramahans caught me completely off guard. We started with a few bhajans and the simplicity with which Swami ji sings immediately got us transported to another world – a world which is full of bliss and happiness.

So far my association with Swamiji was limited to his discourses in Delhi and exchange of few e-mails, but spending quality time with Swamiji at his abode is altogether a mesmerizing experience.

His simplicity and His astute sense of blissfulness actually camouflages the ‘siddhis’ that He has been blessed with through his intense sadhnas and yogic practices.

Swamiji remains in constant communion with Devi Maa and my purpose of starting with ‘Chandi Dhyanam’  is to commemorate the unmistakable trace of the ornaments of Devi Maa, such as Conch, Bow, Lotus, Sling, Pike, etc. in the ‘hastha-rekha’ (lines of the palm) of our revered Swamiji – a fact which we feel blessed to having witnessed with our own eyes.

Discussing with Swamiji, about the relevance of Sadhnas and other practices, I came to know about Swamiji’s experience with Mother Divine after completing His intense sadhnas, some years back, on 13th February. For some odd reasons, this date has remained etched in my mind and I suggest that the day must be celebrated as ‘Atmabodha Diwas’.

In the evening, as Smita ji and Samidha ji started on their onward journey back to Chandigarh, I was joined by Kunal ji who had reached the Ashram all the way from Delhi in his own car. We spent the evening sitting at the Lotus Feet of Swamiji, listening with rapt interest the many anecdotes that Swamiji shared with us, including the existence of life on another earth like planets.

I must also mention here that my deep gratitude and prannams also go to Swami Vidyanand ji and Swami Raghavanand ji (erstwhile Bhramachari ji) and also Sant ji for all the trouble that they had taken to make us feel comfortable. I was also very happy to learn that the ‘poorna abhishek’ of Swami Vidyanand ji and the ‘sadhu abhishek’ of Swami Raghavanand ji as well as the diksha ceremony of Sant ji were to happen soon.

The following day, after spending some more quality time with Swamiji, I along with Kunal ji started on my way back to Delhi. Kunal ji had very kindly offered to provide me a free ride to Delhi in his Car.

Having reached Delhi, I realized that in spite of the physical distance, mentally I was still there at the Ashram sitting at the Lotus Feet of my beloved Swamiji, filled with bliss and contentment.


This post was originally published on Swamiji’s fan club website which no longer exists, to know more about that, refer to my intro part of the archives series here.



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Fan club archives : 27 3

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