Basking in my Prabhu’s Divinity!

A devotee shares her experience at the recent discourse of Swamiji at Toronto, Canada.

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Every morning is beautiful but this was a very special and beautiful morning 3rd May 2014 for me as I would see Swamiji for first time at a discourse in His Bhaav.

Only once before had I seen him in his bhaav and that was on 7th Oct, 2011 when He returned from His spiritual journey, it looked as if I was seeing The Buddha , Himself. I was on a emotional roller coaster seeing Him after almost 2 years but it gave me  immense peace as well as pleasure to see Him happy and so calm . His presence was Divine, bringing smile and tears to many faces at the same time. After that I never got an opportunity to see Swamiji at any Discourse but  I had heard numerous times  on numerous occasions from so many devotees and His followers, even my hubby that He looks so Divine and special when you see him at a discourses especially at the Ashram.

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It is so true. I experienced it for myself this time.
His Aura is magnificent, manifold times is his Bhaav, his positive energy and the Kirtan is amazing, actually words are not enough to describe the experience. The world stops there and you want the clock to stop ticking . You just want to relive that moment every day of your life. At the end of the discourse He always does kirtan with cymbals in his hands, sings with so much devotion and passion that all the crowd joins Him and begins to dance at His tunes and all the people go back home with smiles on their faces, so much Grace and blessings in their kitty after meeting a Divine Soul like Him . Swamiji is a true Angel.

I was lucky with the Grace of Lord, the day finally arrived. At the Mandir we paid obeisance to all the Gods and sat down . Swamiji entered the hall, his  face was glowing and was spreading the light as if all the sun rays had come down to illuminate the temple itself where this Discourse took place. As he sat on the asana, a brief introduction speech was given by a devotee regarding Swamiji’s amazing life. There was complete silence, there were almost 200 people in the temple hall . We all were just looking at Swamiji’s glowing face. I was sitting nearly towards the end of the hall as I knew I would be emotional seeing Him which I was  at the first few moments . But these were happy tears seeing Him speak about the Divine Mother. Swamiji paid his reverence to the people sitting in the hall and started by saying that He would shed some light on Sri Lalita Sahasranaam today. Swamiji told us that Lalita means at play, the Divine Mother in her playful form and her names.

After an hour of the discourse on the Divine Maa, a short break of ten minutes was taken. As Swamiji left the Hall the silence was suddenly disrupted, everybody was talking about what His Holiness tried to convey to all of us.  Those ten minutes were going so slow but somehow after meeting and greeting everyone we once again settled down with many people writing down their questions on a page which would be handed to Swamiji. Swamiji came and sat down on the asana, His aura was amazing, the spark in his eyes was so precious and similar to a little baby whose first smile is so precious for his parents.  Swamiji started taking questions handed down to Him and answered them all.

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It was already half past four, time was just racing like the Formula One cars. It had to end! Swamiji did this mesmerizing Kirtan. He stood up on the asana with His one hand raised high up in the air pointing to the Divine, Sri Hari and did the Hare Krishna Maha Mantra. We repeated after Him. The whole melodious chanting filled the air and the Temple room with Divine energy. I was choking again. I couldn’t control this moment, wanted to just do the kirtan with my both hands raised high up in the air reaching the Lord forever and forever.

We all had to do our Pranams to Swamiji from where we were sitting. Swamiji left the Temple Hall with His devotees .  Swamiji ‘s last beautiful  and melodious words which till date echo in my ears were the Bhajan “Jai Ambe Hare, Jagdambe Hare, Jai Jai Janani Ambe Hare”. It was a beautiful dawn, the dusk giving me cherishable moments for a lifetime.

I hope to attend some of Swamiji’s other discourses in future. I hope with Grace of Sri Hari and Swamiji’s blessings it will happen soon. I’m looking forward to this Heavenly and Divine experience in this lifetime. In future hopefully I will be able to visit the Ashram soon.

Thanks to all who arranged this Discourse.

This post was originally published on Swamiji’s fan club website which no longer exists, to know more about that, refer to my intro part of the archives series here.



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