Dedicated To Swamiji on His Birthday

Om swami meditating

The world awakes to a new dawn
Shri Hari has manifested himself to set us free
Angels singing Gospel in his welcome, Listen what they say:

Always bliss is there, where is he,
There is neither bondage nor grief.
There is neither contamination nor condition,
His words are sweet as is he, Pouring Nectar in soul.
Here Comes He, Here Comes Shri Hari.

Ever free, ever pious, Serene is he, Divine is his smile,
There is neither fear nor anxiety; all the miseries are washed away.
Removing the doubts, making way to freedom,
When we see him in our hearts, his face enlightens us.
Here Comes He, Here Comes Shri Hari.

His pure eyes are sun and the moon,
His presence is gentle breeze of heaven.
He sports with us, healing our lives,
Taking to Eden of love and compassion.
Here Comes He, Here Comes Shri Hari.

There is neither start nor the end,
All is emerged and lost unto him.
In the moments he makes us whole.
Only Calmness is there
Here Comes He, Here Comes Shri Hari.


Jayant Om

This post was originally published on Swamiji’s fan club website which no longer exists, to know more about that, refer to my intro part of the archives series here.



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