Sri Hari Has Arrived! (Part 1)

This time I had packed for the Ashram to attend a very important, once in a life time occasion. Sri Hari was coming and I wanted to be a part of the welcome.

I had prayed for everything to go as per plan so that I don’t miss it and finally it was the 1st of April when I set on the journey with my family.

We were going to travel on the new road that as I had heard promised to take us right to the Ashram doors. The local villagers had lovingly parted with chunks of their own land, their livelihood to carve the path for Sri Hari’s Vigrah (idol) to travel on. The new path is an uphill drive that starts around 11km short of Rajgarh. It is an 11 km drive to the Ashram door and turned out to be the most anxious part of the travel as we were getting tired of the wait :).

Soon I could see the Ashram from the mountain top and I couldnot believe what my eyes saw. I had been here on Swamiji’s birthday in November and in just about four months time so much of construction work including this wonderful road had been accomplished in the middle of nowhere. I was so proud. Four new rooms with attached washrooms, four public toilets, two bathing areas, solar water heaters, a dining hall with an attached kitchen and a store room and a beautiful temple stood infront of me.

New public toilets and washrooms with Solar heaters.

Dining Hall next to the Temple.

Cars at the Ashram doors.

We had parked right outside the Ashram kitchen. I couldnot have imagined something like this was possible till I experienced it this time.  We were greeted with smiles by the other excited devotees who had already arrived before us. Evening tea was being served and it did seem tempting after the long journey but I was almost numb for a while in awe of the way my Ashram looked.

It was getting cold much to my surprise. April in the Ashram is supposed to be pleasant but I guess it was an unusually special occasion to be followed by many unusual incidents. I would experience this over the next few days. We changed to something warmer and soon it was time for Swamiji’s evening discourse. It’s always a delight to see Him but especially more this time since I was going to see my Lord after so long. We all sat outside on the platform under a tent, an area that was soon going to be used for the langar (a place where devotees sit on the floor together to enjoy the meals). I don’t remember what Swamiji said that day. I was too excited to be there with Him in the lap of Mother Nature enjoying the familiar breeze and serene silence with only the Lord’s voice echoing in it.

The celebrations had begun!

Many Pranams in the Lotus feet of my Lord.

Your Humbled Child…


This post was originally published on Swamiji’s fan club website which no longer exists, to know more about that, refer to my intro part of the archives series here.



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