Yearning for Prabhu’s Divine Darshan

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I woke up this beautiful morning, the sun was shining nice and bright as if it also knew its gonna be an amazing and mesmerizing afternoon. It was another very lucky day, like all other past experiences of seeing Swamiji in His Bhaav, this was so special but little sad too as this was going to be
the last discourse.

My eyes witnessed Swamiji in black  robe for the first time, as if Lord Shiva was there to bless me accompanied with the Divine Maa which you can see when Swamiji smiles in His Bhaaav doing the kirtan. Today this discourse was arranged at an auditorium, we reached 1:45 pm at the
venue, as always one could hear melodious voice singing Bhajans in the praise of the Lord by one of the devotees. There were around 350-400 people there. Time was in my favour, suddenly these 15 minutes went so quick for which I was very happy. One of the devotees mentioned few words about the life and Divinity of Swamiji and how we all were blessed to hear Him. We were advised to switch off our phones so it wouldn’t cause any distractions during the discourse.

Once again devotees had conches in their hands to welcome Swamiji and they started to blow them loud and clear. All the eyes were at the door, suddenly we all saw Him, a big smile on our face. Swamiji sat on the asana which was so well decorated. He was surrounded by yellow, orange and red roses with white daisies. It seemed the flowers were happy too, so fresh and were just filling
the whole air with their fragrance. There were peacock feathers on the wall behind Swamiji,  my eyes were watery as this would be the last discourse. A tear rolled down my eye, I just wanted the time to stop.

This time Swamiji started with the Stuti to the Divine Maa. He also explained the meaning during QandA session of this Stuti. The Stuti signifies and defines the Glory of Maa, there is praise about her valour, energy, aura and power. Then we all joined Swamiji in chanting OM seven times. His voice echoed
the most and everyone in hall could hear it as His chant lasted for a while.

Swamiji started the discourse on a witty note with Mulla Nasruddin’s small incident and everyone burst into laughter. Swamiji talked about Ego today. How opposite of Love is not Hate but Ego. How out of millions of sperms only one takes the form of a baby. Right from the birth comparison starts,
parameter of winning and losing, there is a race  going on. How we should live and let others live by adopting compassion in our lives. He also mentioned how innate Ego is and we all have it, it all depends how we nurture it in our lives. Swamiji also mentioned about how we all try to seek
attention in our lives. Like a little child in a room who knows how to get attention especially his crying makes all the adults present in that room do things to calm him down, it also goes  for adults who sometimes go a bit too far to grab other people’s attention. Swamiji narrated a little story about
how a woman who lives in a small village sells all her things and savings to get new gold bangles. She’s so happy and wants every other neighbour to praise how good they are. But unfortunately nobody notices it, so in the evening she gets ready with her new bangles and sets her house made of straw
on fire. She goes out and starts screaming with her hands raised high up in air so the neighbours could see her new gold bangles. But instead all the villagers are trying to extinguish the fire in order to help that woman.

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One hour went by quick this afternoon but we were lucky as there was only A five minutes break before Swamiji was back in the hall sitting on His asana. There was a small performance of melodious flute by a gentleman. We were advised to close our eyes and listen to Him but instead I decided not to close my eyes and let myself rejoice in seeing Swamiji and took a photo as well though I was sitting far but how could I have missed this grand opportunity. After the QandA session finished at 4:00, there was the mesmerizing Kirtan. On request of all the devotees Swamiji did ‘Jai Ambe Hare Jagdambe Hare’ Kirtan for almost six minutes and then Hare Krishna Maha Mantra for almost ten minutes. It was such a Divine experience to see Swamiji in his Bhaav, his eyes closed, the smile on His face showing  how deeply he was immersed and enjoying the Kirtan. Swamiji thanked all the devotees for arranging all the discourses and His visit to Canada. I had watery eyes just listening and realizing that it had all come to an end and had goose bumps that this was the last one. I’m not sure when I will be able to seek
Swamiji’s blessings again or visit the Ashram to seek the blessings of Sri Hari.

I’m sure all other devotees feel that tears roll down seeing Swamiji, most of these tears are out of sheer joy, happiness rejoicing His Divine presence and sometimes you just want to speak your heart out and on other occasions you are sad, you just want to share your sorrows and grief and be under his
guidance. Swamiji is a Divine soul, I have always felt since when I first met Him 12 years ago, that He’s a Special Angel sent by Lord Himself to help me and thousands out there like me in this world. His Divine presence brings immense joy. I wish I could have stayed in this state of happiness and it
that it lasted forever and ever…

My heartfelt thanks to all the devotees who arranged all these discourses and arranged for His visit as because of their effort we all could enjoy and immerse in this great event of joy, devotion and happiness giving us the opportunity to seek Swamiji’s blessings and have lifetime memories.

This post was originally published on Swamiji’s fan club website which no longer exists, to know more about that, refer to my intro part of the archives series here.

P.S: 2 places I have changed ampersand sign to and in Q’and’A as the ampersand sign is not supported



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