A Lovely Gift from Swamiji

I was returning home after attending the Parents Teachers meeting and there were many thoughts
running in my mind. My child (entering 11th grade) has chosen science field and he was preparing himself to go through the grind .

School shared their plans for next two years (11th and 12th) and also mentioned that the vacation is only for 2 weeks during May. I was only thinking on how to work on discipline , distractions, procrastination and how not to put my child under undue stress/pressure.

While driving back home, I was thinking , I should plan a family outing for Katmandu/Mukthinath or Singapore as we wouldn’t be able to make such trips for next 3 years as his brother who is just 1 year younger to him will be in the same boat soon, so, between the two of them, together it will be 3 years of dedication to step into next level.

As soon as I reached home, I turned on the laptop and opened “Make my trip” site. However, I thought, my trip will not be complete without visiting  Ashram. When we have gone all the way till Delhi, How can I  not come back without getting a darshan and blessings  of Swamiji?  So, I opened Swami’s website to make a note of  Visitors dates during May so that I could plan my trip accordingly.

To my surprise, I was greeted with the new article “Confusions of a Teenager” and I decided to read the same and then go further to see the available dates. I was so thrilled to read the last paragraph and my eyes were filled with tears of gratitude. I could not attend the meditation retreat during February and my children had always expressed interest to learn meditation from Swamijji. Without any hesitation, I confirmed their attendance with CC to my husband as I am confident that he will support my decision in this regard with full heart.

This is such a wonderful gift from Swamiji this year for us and our vacation plan is laid ready on the platter.  I will wait for my chance to learn meditation from Swamiji and I am sure he has a plan for me too.

Feeling blessed.

With Love


This post was originally published on Swamiji’s fan club website which no longer exists, to know more about that, refer to my intro part of the archives series here.



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