Swamiji’s Meditation Retreat: Memories and Life Transforming Experience

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Anant Koti  Pranaam to thy holy lotus feet my beloved Om Swamiji!

Swamiji, you are simply amazing!!  You have touched our hearts and minds, you are our mother when we need love and care, and you are our father when we seek support and guidance. For me, you are everything!

By Swamiji’s grace and will I would like to share the experience that I have received at the very first Meditation Retreat organized by Swamiji at Rishikesh in February, 2015. I feel so fortunate to be among those lucky participants of the first ever retreat.

Honestly, the purpose of my decision to come to the retreat was my wish to see Swamiji! I was beyond keen to see Swamiji. I am sure, there would be not just me but many more who would have the similar intention. For me it was special, as I would be seeing my Swamiji for the first time! For me it was like a dream coming true!! I had so many issues to deal with before I booked my place for retreat, but finally I made it to the retreat. When Swamiji said in the retreat “you all are being called here” – I felt very special and fortunate indeed.

I had only heard of Meditation term before I booked my spot for the retreat (by the way I got the spot at the very last moment when somebody cancelled and I got a chance to come in).The knowledge Swamiji gave in this retreat was profound and unique. He explained the whole process of meditation as if he was spoon feeding babies (we all are his children anyways).

It’s been more than half an year now, and even though I am not able to practice my meditation regularly but I still try to live the knowledge He gave us in the retreat.  I can see the transformation in how I think and approach people, around things and every single situation in my life. There is a noticeable positive change in me.

The main changes I noticed in me are as follows:

Positive approach


Increased Confidence

Able to Forgive

Maintaining my calmness

However, the most important change is to be able to live in The Present Moment. How do I know this? Because most often I find myself thinking about Swamiji, and I believe that is only possible if I am living in present moment, without letting my mind wander in past or future for any regret, worries and anxieties. Actually Swamiji is truly Chitta Chor (one who steals the mind and heart). Slowly but steadily I am making my moves to get there.

The most memorable experience for me is the day on which Swamiji made us do the guided meditation. His divine voice, his compassionately guiding words were taking me on my inward journey, enabling me to let things go, to forgive, to be re-born…and to be feather like light, all weight from my mind and heart, He just compassionately took off as if. Wow!! What an experience!!! His soothing voice still rings into my ears whenever I close my eyes and takes me away from everything.

My words are too poor to describe what I felt during the series of meditation processes, discourses, Q&A, Kirtan and dancing in divine ecstasy, private meeting and many such things! Each day was like living a dream.

Finally the moment arrived when there were those five minutes of my private time with Swamiji and I was in front of my beloved Guru on one to one. I still cannot forget that divine aura that I have seen around Swamiji during that personal time with him. And then his grace showered on me beyond my expectation! I have received the Gem from my Guru! He gave me His holy name and accepted me in His holy lotus feet!  I must say it was divine connection and now I feel connected to Swamiji 24×7.

Thank you Swamiji for organizing this retreat so wonderfully! From the beginning to end of the retreat I never ever felt any inconvenience at all. I felt at home all day every day. Every single thing was impressively taken care by Swamiji and his team of volunteers. My heartfelt thanks to Vidya Swamiji and Parmanand Swamiji, who gave us a lot of inspiration and showed us what is the possibility of Swami Bhakti! Thank you both!

I believe, we should have many more such retreats in future so that many people can have this divine experience and be able to lead life of a meaning, fulfillment and peace with a smile.

Thanks to you all lovely participants I had met there. I had some fantastic time with you all while having delicious breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner or simply walking by the river Ganga. I still cherish the memories of our talk about our own experience on how did we find out Swamiji and how He showered us with His grace. Thanks for sharing some of your wonderful experiences with me. It always helps to be grateful for what we have received.

We all are medium for someone and something, as Swamiji rightly says. For me the medium to reach to Swamiji is my friend (more like my elder brother such is his care and love!) Bharatsinh Jhala, who introduced divine Swamiji in my life!  Bharatsinh also translates Swamiji’s blog posts in Gujarati every week. Please do read and share it among your Gujarati friends and relatives in India and abroad. Swamiji’s thoughts must reach unto the last man of this world.

Once again, my dear Swamiji, the word thank you is not enough for your abundance grace but still accept my heartfelt thanks for showing us the true path and guiding us how to discover our own truth.

Let me stop here with a prayer in the lotus feet of my beloved Master!


इतनी शक्ति हमें देना स्वामी, मन का विश्वास कमज़ोर हो ना

हम चले नेक रस्ते पे हमसे भूलकर भी कोई भूल हों ना

Hari Om.

Mitesh Om

This post was originally published on Swamiji’s fan club website which no longer exists, to know more about that, refer to my intro part of the archives series here.

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Fan club archives : 48 3

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