A Hymn for Our Lord

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I bow to the ever compassionate one,
One who is ever merciful,
O’ever graceful, thou has accepted me what more could i ask of thee?

You have absolved me of myself,
I have settled at your feet, O impartial one,
O Fountain Head of Love, I am basking in your love.

If you had not accepted me what good was I?
Not even a speck of dust in this multiverse.
The ever smiling lord smiled upon me,
and I cried, with my hair standing at end.

O ever radiant one, how art thee blessed this soul?
You made me run who couldn’t even crawl.
I bow at your lotus feet O my Master,
What you endowed without asking
I wouldn’t even have asked in eons to come.

You have given me what I could never gather,
My heart blossomed in your presence.
I feel light, I feel right, I feel pure, I feel clear.
I hold onto you and won’t let go,
You are all there is now,
I surrender myself to thee,
I offer myself to thee.

Instead of the constant badgering of mind,
Instead of all the soiled thoughts,
I remain at your feet,
O Lord, just keep me however you want me to stay.

If my ego raise its hood, which it will,
Crush it under your lotus feet.
Let me dissolve in you,
Make a servant out of me O Lord.

Let me be content at your feet O Saviour,
Let me take in your light O Ocean of light,
Let me drown in your divinity,
Let me revel for you have come.

You are none other than the lotus eyed Vishnu,
You are the ash smeared Shiva,
You are the slayer of our demons, our Mother Divine.
O Divine manifest my humble pranams at your lotus feet

Tejas Om

This post was originally published on Swamiji’s fan club website which no longer exists, to know more about that, refer to my intro part of the archives series here.



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