First of all, a lot of gratitude and love to all those who have given me, a lot of love and blessings, in the OM SWAMI ARCHIVES series, don’t worry os archives have not come to an end, there’s a lot out there to share. Anyway, I thought, why I am just restoring and reading the Fan Club Posts myself and not sharing with others, and this time seems the right one as we are having #TheWriteChoice challenge going on and I am really enjoying it. So, hereon I am starting to restore the fan club posts, and then later by next month I will make a website and restore all the posts in one place.

For those who don’t know about the fan club, it used to be a website before the time when Swamiji opened up the platform for us to scribble us, for his loved devotees to write beautiful and their heart-whelming experiences, managed by Navjot Gautam on the website link “”. The website is still up, but no content out there except a message waiting out there for you. Here is Navjot’s message from her website :

You must have heard of Angels or Messiahs…I have actually met mine, lived in his presence, can see him and talk to him. On one of the finest days of my life my master, Om Swami ji walked into it and with his gentle touch…wush! All changed for the better.Navjot gautam

Since then he has guided me on my spiritual and material endeavours in life. He has helped me to become a positive, humble and grateful person. My soul continues to heal in his divine presence and the absolute bliss that I experience with his grace is overwhelming.

Nothing will give me more joy to see more people being helped and guided by him, by his very presence and through the most practical and spiritual solutions he propounds.

Through this website I want to gather all those who have been healed by Swamiji, into one big family and also increase this family by reaching out to those who are still out there waiting for the Divine’s grace to fall on them. This is not just my website or my initiative, it’s yours too. It’s about us, let’s make it ours. 

This is my humble attempt to make an offering to Swamiji. 

I know all those who walk to him with genuine faith never return empty handed. 

I encourage and request all of you to share your spiritual experiences here. You can do so anonymously too. I would put them in the form of a post on this website. You can email me your story on or you can simply use the comments form on the Guest Book page.

Navjot Gautam

Now, with enough introduction done, it’s time for me to start uploading them and for you with me(I have read just 4-5 posts)  to start reading them. On one last note, I just wanna say they (the posts) are so beautifully written that you gonna fall in love with them.

Original source page here.