It’s a day to remember God with pure heart

It’s a day to connect oneself with God

It’s a day to merge into God

It’s a day to sacrifice for the day

It’s a holy practice

Devotees perform..


It’s a day of self purification

Reciting the name of Lord

Purifying Heart and Soul

Bridges the gap

Brings him near to God..


It’s a day of giving alms

Serving them heartily

Whatever we eat

A beautiful feeling

Elevates the feeling of brotherhood 

Sense of gratitude fills the heart

Contentment in serving..


As one go dive deep into the divine ocean of God’s love 

One will find true happiness

Will feel more satisfying

will be blessed with divine grace..


Deeper you go, deeper the purification

Deeper the depth of love, smaller the gap

Nearer and Closer to beloved God  

Love God with all your heart and soul and say I love God to the height my soul can reach.

God will love

God loves all.


Jai Sri Hari 🙏🌸


~Neelam Om

P.S. Thank you os.me family for reading and encouraging me. It really fills me with warmth and confidence. keep encouraging.