Fear is a complex human emotion, arises in mind, but can triggers a reaction in whole physical body due to release of certain hormones and can be beneficial too, known as stress response. That means when bad things will happen, you will find ways to handle them. But here we are talking about fear with negative consequences and excess thoughts, which influence the decision making and quality of life.

Emotional Fear can be classified as follows…

1. Fear of old age.

2. Fear of sickness

3. Fear of losing material possessions.

4. Fear of death.

5. Fear of failure.

The famous saying of Buddha, “Pain is inevitable, and suffering is optional”.

This is the truth of life, but we don’t want to face it. We avoid to contemplate that whatever i cherish today, have to abandon it one day. I cannot carry anything with me the moment I die.

I can’t escape sickness, old age, suffering and death. Only way is if we understand, analyse and be mindful of our life and thoughts. Recognising  our fear patterns, help us to trace the cause, mostly they are closely related to attachments. If you accept and deeply contemplate, then only can find out a way out.

When we accept the temporary nature of everything and feel gratitude for the good fortune in our lives. Practice of mindfulness and to look deeply into the cause of fear is the solution. From past few months, I have been more vocal in showing my love and care to family and my friends. Because tomorrow may be too late. 

Detachment is the ultimate practice. We actually don’t own or control anything, so enjoy, experience and value everyone and everything in our life.

It’s a life long practice.

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